Give more flexibility to Elementor

Elementor plugin is a great tool for those who are beginners and devs alike. All projects start small but they get bigger and bigger and that’s why we need more flexibility to create more complex stuff.

That’s why we created 2 plugins that helped us in our projects and we would like to share them with you. We are talking about “Ele Custom Skin” and “Ele Conditions“. Both of this plugins you can find them on WordPress Plugin Directory.

Ele Custom Skin

A plugin that let’s you design your loop item, no more search for countless plugins that offers you different widgets that behave like Posts widget, now you can design a skin for Posts and Archive posts simple as creating a single template.

This plugin would get better with every feature Elementor and Elementor PRO would bring. So, in the future, you’ll create more awesome stuff.

Ele Conditions

We were working on a product page and we wanted to control which element to show, for example if the item is out of stock there is no point in shown add to cart button. And while we are here we’ll add a banner that would show only for featured products.

These are some examples where you can use the conditions for elements. These elements can be Sections, Columns and Widgets.

So check out our plugin page!