This archive blog page is made with Eletheme and free Elementor not any other plugins.

Give more flexibility to Elementor

Elementor plugin is a great tool for those who are beginners and devs alike. All projects start small but they get bigger and bigger and that’s why we need more flexibility to create more complex stuff. That’s why we created 2 plugins that helped us in our projects and we would like to share them[...]

Eletheme v1.1.0

We launched version 1.1.0 of Eletheme. We’ve added the ability to create new keywords and add them inside a page. We alse added a new keyword {{current_year}} that you can add it inside a page, footer or header, everwhere. Here is a code example of how you can add new keywords inside function.php file of[...]

Elementor 2.0 Is Released

Elementor 2 is released and you can download it from WordPress Plugin Directory. There are exiting new features like blocks and a new ability to edit the template directly from a page. You can read the entire list of new features on Elementor’s website. I can assure you that Eletheme works well with the new[...]

Eletheme v1.0.7

We launched version 1.0.7 of Eletheme. We’ve added support for woocommerce 3.3. Now the shop page and product page would look like you intended. Because¬† theme readme.txt is not visible as for plugins I’ll copy paste it here: === Eletheme === Contributors: dudaster Tags: Theme builder, Elementor Requires at least: 4.0 Tested up to: 4.9.2[...]

Hello world, Eletheme!

This is the first post for Eletemplator¬† and with this occasion we announce the release of the Eletheme, an Elementor theme builder. Here will post lots of interesting things.   Stay close!

Keep in TOuch

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